AFY Gina Newell - Biz-Card V1 - 2961

CHAPTER 12 Be A Power Negotiator

Negotiating your home sale does not have to be intimidating. Learn how real estate negotiations work and how to apply proven techniques.


The two major elements of negotiation are motivation and skill.

• A motivated buyer wants the best deal, and you, the seller, want the best price. • A skilled negotiator is an expert at working under the pressures of competition, time, information, and communication.


• Time on the market • Necessary relocation • Pressures of maintenance and upkeep • Emotional and mental stress, especially during divorce • Carrying costs Selling your home is a multifaceted process. To be a strong negotiator, you must avoid allowing your emotions to overpower the situation. Don't settle for less than what you can live with, or get insulted by a low offer. If you check your emotions, there's room to negotiate. Worrying about paying the mortgage while the home sits on the 68

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