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Foreword When I first ventured into the real estate industry, I did so with the hopes of helping sellers avoid the pitfalls often associated with the home-selling process. In my years of experience, not only have I helped alleviate the stress of selling for clients, but I’ve also accumulated knowledge to help them get more money for their homes in the least amount of time. I decided to share my expertise in one place, which is why you’re receiving this book. I want to help you have the best possible home-selling experience. And by that, I mean I want you to: 1. Get the most money possible for your home, 2. Sell in the least amount of time, and 3. Avoid mistakes most commonly associated with the home-selling process. This book is my gift to you. It contains insider advice on the home-selling process to help achieve your ultimate real estate goal, including:

• Strategies to sell your home for more money • Marketing techniques employed by top agents • Advice on how to appeal to today’s buyers • And much, much more

If after you read my book and still have questions or need more explanation, I am happy to help. If you decide to hire me to sell your home, we'll schedule a meeting either in-person or online and set up a specific plan.

Thank you,

Gina Newell Premiere Stagers & Realty 608-345-9396


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