AFY Gina Newell - Biz-Card V1 - 2961

CHAPTER 14 Bargaining Chips

As a seller, you can use other items as bargaining chips to sweeten the deal. You may make a counter-offer that includes the high-end barbeque grill, the basement pool table, or the backyard swingset. This is a particularly useful strategy when the demand for homes in your neighborhood is weak and prices are low.

Here are some items to consider giving:

• Custom-built furniture: bookcases or shelves that fit a particular spot in the house • Custom-sized area rugs • Patio furniture: planters, garden benches, and ornaments • Garden shed • Lawnmower, power washer, leaf vacuum, or other maintenance equipment • Recreational equipment, above-gound pools, and hot tubs

• Home Warranty • HOA fees paid

The list is as long as your agent is creative, so discuss each of these with your listing agent before agreeing with a buyer. NOTE: There may be restrictions placed on the real estate agent because of agency laws. There are also lender limits on buyer credits, and they MUST be properly disclosed, so be sure to stay within the limit of the laws.


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