AFY Gina Newell - Biz-Card V1 - 2961


Let's summarize what to consider to avoid missteps and eliminate any misunderstandings: • Don't sell your home before you are qualified to buy another — financial situations change along with loan requirements. • Don't guess what your mortgage payoff is— know if penalties exist. • Don't under-estimate closing costs — calculate fees, taxes, and commissions that need to be paid. • Don't spend any earnest money — if the sale falls through, what happens to the money? • Be prepared if a low appraisal — you can appeal the decision by showing your data • Hiring an inspector — know what is a flaw or a defect • Being prepared for closing — your agent and title company should let you know what to expect. • Flexibility and readiness to show your home — make preparations so showings do not interfere with your family and your life. • Letting buyers see your home in your absence — buyers prefer to view homes without the seller present to listen to their critiques. Any questions should be fielded by your agent. • Weeding out nonqualified buyers — you can request only qualified homebuyers view your home. Otherwise, it’s a waste of everyone’s time


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