Authorify - Divorce Book Preview

CHAPTER 1 Moving On

Divorce is not easy. Even the most amicable separations are plagued with disappointment, lack of communication, and failed expectations. In the best case scenario, two people who are dissolving their union will work together to resolve their differences productively and part ways, hopefully without drawing blood. Unavoidably, though, during the process you and your spouse’s emotions will fall prey to a myriad of changes as the marriage, family, and shared assets are legally separated. Adding to the stress is the sale of the family home, which is typically the largest asset of the marriage. This can evoke tremendous emotion: sadness, anger, sentiment, and disappointment, to name a few. The combination of the stresses of the divorce with the sale of the family home requires patience, diligence, and great personal fortitude. With the help of seasoned, experienced professionals — such as attorneys and real estate agents — divorcing couples can successfully move through this challenging phase of their lives and on to their future. The phrase “and this, too, shall pass” has long been a source of comfort for many throughout history, including Abraham Lincoln, the English poet Edward Fitzgerald, and the writings of the medieval Persian Sufi poets. It’s a simple phrase, but one worth keeping in mind. No matter how bad


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