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that would’ve been easy to resolve—ruin a perfectly good sale!

The house sat on the market for another year and ended up selling for $15,000 less than the original full-price offer. Even worse, the seller wound up having to make another 15 house payments while her home sat on the market. Ongoing house (mortgage) payments are a frequently overlooked cost of not finding a buyer quickly. Please don’t become another one of these stories! Take time to know the true value of your home. Do your homework and prepare for the sale before putting your home on the market. The good news is that by reading this book, you’re already ahead of the game!


• A marketing mistake—such as not using a “for sale” sign—can drive down a home’s price. • When you put your house on the market, make sure you—and your real estate agent—address any problems that could disrupt a sale. • Continuing house payments are a hidden cost of selling a house too slowly.


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