Authorify - Senior Leads Preview

With this book, I hope to show you that you’re simply entering a different stage of life, and it can be a very rewarding and exciting one. In fact, your post-retirement years could just be your very best yet. They don’t call them the “golden years” for nothing. There is plenty to look forward to as you enter this next phase of your life, and where you plan to live is one exciting element to consider. Think about the future and all its possibilities. What if I told you that you could live out your golden years with more money, more time, more freedom, more peace and security and less stress? Imagine making a profit from the sale of your house and having increased cash flow in your future. Imagine saving money on bills and gas. Imagine naturally becoming more organized and reducing your consumption of “stuff.” Imagine better accessibility. Imagine putting less pressure on your adult children as you age. Imagine enjoying more free time and less stress! You would say “Sign me up!” right? These benefits could all be yours in the future as you think about changing your living situation. Even if you can’t picture exactly where you’ll live in the next 10 or 20 years (or what type of home you’ll move into), that’s OK! The options are endless when you move toward empty nesting and retirement.

This book is for you if you:

• Are just starting to think about moving to a new home.


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