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you bring only what is truly necessary into your home or what you treasure most.

The fact is, if there’s no place to put something, then you’re less likely to buy it. You won’t want all that decluttering to go to waste, so you’ll naturally buy less of everything — food, clothing, consumer goods, household décor, furniture, etc. You will focus more on what you need rather than what might be “nice to have” and avoid impulse spending.

4. Organization

Downsizing forces you to become organized. Decluttering might seem like a disadvantage to downsizing. After all, it’s time- consuming, exhausting, and sometimes even heartbreaking to go through all the stuff you’ve accumulated throughout the years and get rid of much of it. But the short-term hassle is worth it. You’ll be forced to eliminate all that clutter and end up with only what you need and your most valuable items. This will free up space in your home and in your mind.

5. Accessibility

For many individuals entering retirement — especially those with health or mobility issues — accessibility within a home becomes increasingly important.

Stairs are one example. As much as we all might not like to admit it, as we age, mobility can become more of an issue. Stairs are


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