Authorify - Inherited Homes Book Preview

repairing and selling the home. Under such conditions, if your benefits are lower than your commitments, it may be wisest to simply sell the home to investors.


Disputes among siblings or legal heirs over the settlement of inherited property are common. Often, disputes over a property are dominated by past issues of sibling rivalry and are a fight for dominance. In the absence of parental guidance, adult siblings are left to face the scenario of ambiguity or disagreements over their rightful role. It is essential that you work to ensure that disputes and disagreements do not lead to litigation. Litigation will only worsen the situation by causing issues with family members, and creating uncertainty and wasting time waiting for legal issues to be settled, as well as the usual expense and aggravation associated with legal hearings. The tremendous

cost involved in litigation is certainly a wasteful expenditure. Litigation is not the peacemaker’s choice—prevent it whenever you possibly can.

This situation can be avoided. By keeping the emotional heat down and a compromising frame of mind in the forefront, there is generally a solution that can be made for a peaceful settlement. Where creative solutions to these problems can be facilitated, there is mutual gain for all concerned.

A good solution is for one of the heirs to buy the property


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