Authorify - Inherited Homes Book Preview

investment property. If you have a friendly relationship and can get along for a long period as co-owners of the property, you can rent out the property and take your share out of the proceeds monthly. If one of the siblings manages the collection of rental payments and arranges maintenance for the property, the effort can be rewarded by the others with an increased share. Whatever the terms are, though, it is advisable to record them in a written agreement to forestall future disagreements and conflict. expenses and costs involved, and the commissions paid, and then divide the resulting amount among you. Selling the property as soon as you inherit also helps save on the capital gains tax. Capital gains tax for sale of the inherited property is calculated on the property value after the death of the decedent. Since the difference may not be much if the time between death and sale is short, you may be left with nothing to pay in capital gains tax. Sometimes, though, the best arrangement under these circumstances is still to sell the property, subtract the A lawsuit for partition should be the last resort for you to settle the inherited property if you cannot come to an amicable agreement with your sibling over the settlement. If it comes down to it, you can file a lawsuit asking the judge to order the sale of the home and terminate your co- ownership. This is a complicated process and the judge usually appoints a mediator first, to get the property ready for sale. If you are at odds with each other, you and your siblings might not be able to do this. Therefore, you will need to have an agent sell the home and mediate between


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