CHAPTER 3 Buyers' Needs and Desires

After you’ve decided to buy a home, what sort of home it will be is your next decision point. It’s a better approach to have a concrete vision in mind of what type, features, and amenities you want in your home, rather than a “shotgun look” at every listing that’s out there in your price range. Imagine your dream house. It fulfills both your needs and desires. It fits the need for a good roof over your head, a sturdy structure, modern fixtures and appliances, living space (i.e., bedrooms, living room), and functional rooms (i.e., kitchen, bathroom[s]). Your needs fulfilled, you turn to your desires. Perhaps you envision a home on the beach or in the woods, a gourmet kitchen, a wood-paneled den, a crystal chandelier over a banquet table in the manor-sized dining room or an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a hot tub and sauna. Your priority in any home purchase should be ensuring all of your needs are met. Sometimes, you won’t find everything you desire in a home and if you do, you may not be able to afford it. It’s important to prioritize the things you want in a home by how important they are in your search.

Decide your needs vs your desires.

• Would you like a swimming pool? Enough that a home without one will not be looked at? • In what areas or neighborhoods might the home be located? Where do you want to live? Where might you have to live for work commute or home price reasons? • What features would make it special?


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