Pet services, such as veterinary, grooming, and exercising, should be conveniently nearby.


You must make sure to limit your search to a neighborhood that offers the closest possible match to the kind of lifestyle that you like and want to live. Trulia recently conducted a survey with Harris Interactive, and the real estate site found 84% of Americans said the neighborhood would be equally important to — or more important than — the house itself, if they were searching for a new home. Location is so important that people are willing to give up “must- have” features to buy into their desired neighborhood — 72% would forget about a pool, 55% would lose a finished basement, and 33% would accept less square footage. What matters is living in a safe place with good schools. According to Trulia, 69% would drive through the neighborhood during different times of day to determine if the neighborhood was the right fit. You can’t go shopping for a home without choosing a location where you’d like to live. Probably the most significant decision when buying a home is where it is. Location influences your everyday life. Your property does not exist in a bubble; it’s part of a bigger community. It’s important to find a neighborhood or area that suits your needs. Do you want the peace of a secluded woods, or the energy of a bustling city center? Do research before starting your search. Drive through the area and see if all the stores, activities, and features you want are there.


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