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they want.

Buyers will invest time with you to create relationships, trust, and willingness on your part to agree to their terms. The advantage that may arise for you is that they may not want to walk away empty-handed after gaining your trust. By exercising patience, you can maintain your position on terms and price.


Information is the key to real estate negotiations. The more information the buyer can glean from you, the more pressure you will face. The more knowledgeable side will overpower the less informed at the bargaining table. The more insight the buyer has into your motivation to sell, the more powerful he is at negotiating. Don’t avoid questions. Don’t be unfriendly or uninterested. However, remember this is a professional transaction between strangers and don’t be unnecessarily forthcoming, either. When the buyer asks what appears to be a tough question that may relate to an offer, she is looking for direct answers and your reactions. Stay professionally reserved and avoid showing anxiousness to sell. A simple but effective technique to handle a tough question without giving out information is to answer with another question. If you are asked if your home has been long on the


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