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best price and in the shortest time. Seller/buyer relationships come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what ensues, selling your home is a legal, documented, court-recorded, I’s-dotted-and-T’s-crossed business transaction. People do not get emotionally involved when buying a bag of oranges, but home selling does have a way of sneaking into one’s emotions and triggering negative responses. If the buyer has an inflated ego and acts like a know-it-all, you need to make sure it does not affect you. On the flip side, if the buyer comes off as the sweetest, kindest, but somewhat financially troubled person you’ve ever met, do not let that dissuade you from your goal of getting a fair deal. Stay on your toes, even if the sale is going along quickly and painlessly. Sometimes it’s an indication that the buyers might back out of the deal. There needs to be a certain amount of discussion by both parties to keep the buyer from jumping ship or, on your part, feeling seller’s remorse. You may sense afterward that the buyer would have been willing to pay more for your home. DON'T LET YOUR EGO GET THE BEST OF YOU During negotiations, there may be a time when you think of all the labor and time you have invested in getting your home sold. Hours upon hours spent cleaning, staging, showing, and communicating may suddenly flood your mind. You may wonder if it was in vain when faced with buyers who are critical, demanding, or rude. Retaliation in like manner can break a deal, so learn to deal with potential


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