Authorify Sample Book

about real estate and loves the job.

Tenacious? Successful agents possess a strong work ethic. They are efficient and take advantage of time-saving tools that help sell your home.

Honest? Professional real estate agents build their reputation on high standards of business practices.

Self-motivated? Real estate agents are commission-only businesspeople. Successful agents work hard because if it benefits their clients, it benefits them. Creative? Sometimes it takes creativity to properly showcase a home, develop engaging content, and negotiate a sale. An agent who can quickly address any marketing need is an asset to you. Tech-savvy? Agents well versed in the latest technology for marketing homes should have a website, social media setup, user-friendly home search options, and quality presentations online with high-resolution images of homes, videos, and slideshows. Some real estate agencies have smartphone applications. A professional real estate agent wears many hats. He or she must be proficient in marketing, negotiating, consultation, legalities, property taxes, and, most of all, gaining the trust of clients. An agent who will meet your specific needs is certainly worth the commission he/she will earn.


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