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CHAPTER 6 How To Market Your Home The purpose of this book is to provide insight and guidance on how to sell a home quickly and for more money. Previous chapters concerned real estate sales terminology and concepts, with a heavy emphasis on the dos-and-don’ts of getting a home listing ready for the most effective presentation, and thus price. The goal of upcoming chapters is to help in understanding what determines price and market value of a home — specifically, your home. Despite the term “buyer’s market,” understand that it’s always a “seller’s market,” too, in that homes are necessary and homeownership is cherished in the United States. We do not live in caves or nomadic tents. Real estate is a commodity that will remain so. Further, your home is unique. There is no other exactly like it. Whatever individuality you have created on your property makes it stand apart from your neighbors’ homes. There are no set rules of when to sell, because homes are not sold from store shelves based on seasonal holidays. People get new jobs or are transferred or decide to move because of family situations all the time, at any time of year.


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