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home may have had condition issues or a personal issue requiring a very swift sale. Your home might have something to offer that the other one did not. Let the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) be your guide with the advice of a real estate professional.

Hiring a Realtor from Highest-Price Suggestion

Choosing a real estate agent simply because of a higher-end price for your home than other agents have suggested is not in your best interest. A good Realtor will know more about the market for your home than you do. Pick an agent who can provide you with real numbers and solid marketing plans for your home. The person you choose to sell your home should be knowledgeable in the local area, trustworthy, and quick to answer questions or concerns regarding the entire selling process. Avoid this mistake by interviewing several agents and selecting the one who offers sales data and a strategic listing price, and not the highest price.

Subjective Pricing

Selling your home is a business transaction between a qualified buyer and yourself. If you have enjoyed living in your home for years, but have decided to move on, then don’t let emotional attachments to the home affect how you price it. The most objective price will come from the CMA provided by your real estate agent. Memorable moments spent in your home are priceless, but they do not add to the selling price. It is also unrealistic to add dollars because of


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