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Comparable Home B: $339,000 (Reduced Price) Comparable Home C: $335,000 (Reduced Price) Comparable Home D: Sold Comparable Home E: Pending Comparable Home F: $326,000 (New Listing) Comparable Home G: $325,000 (New Listing) Comparable Home H: $319,000 (New Listing)

Tim and Sue now have the highest priced home in the area in their price range. When a buyer looks at the comparable home prices, it is now the worst value proposition in the marketplace. Most sellers, like Tim and Sue, do not realize the market can shift so far so quickly. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to price your home right the first time. House D sold, and House E had a pending sale from the start.


Any real estate transaction can go awry. Out of ignorance, mischief, or larceny, issues can arise to complicate selling the home or cost the seller money. Having a real estate professional involved in the transaction will provide knowledge, somewhere to turn, and action.

Preclosing Error: Buyers Moving in Too Soon

An agent-represented homeowner was selling a house owned in a small town in Washington State. She accepted a buyer’s offer, moved, and was awaiting transaction’s closing.


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