Authorify Sample Book

A couple buying a seller’s home deposited $8,000 in cash into their checking account three days before closing. Their father had given them money to buy new furniture and appliances for the house. Their mortgage company checked balances the day before and it was “dinged,” as it required a gift letter. The father had just gone to the UP of Michigan for a hunting/fishing trip and no one could reach him. This delayed the closing by two weeks.


Do you see how important it is to know the true value of your home? Moral of the story: Anyone can lose money in the real estate market. A seller unfamiliar with the ever- changing market risks selling the home for less than it’s worth or losing a sale because of incorrect pricing at listing. In most cases, sellers never even realize it. Pricing errors happen to private sellers all the time. Knowing the home’s true value protects you from settling for less money.


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