Authorify - Mortgage Lenders (Agent) Preview

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

It’s tough being a real estate agent. You have numerous deadlines to keep, clients to keep happy, homes to show, and leads to chase. Often it can feel like one thing going wrong could cause the house of cards to come tumbling down all over you. Sometimes that “one thing” that goes wrong is your mortgage lender. And when that goes wrong, it’s as useful to you as a leaf blower is to that house of cards you’ve been building. Have you ever been called by a loan officer the day before a closing because they need “just one more thing” before they can finalize the loan? And that “one thing” is currently on a moving truck with the rest of your client’s worldly possessions? Have you ever been told that a loan is as good as done, only to find out later that there are glaring errors in the paperwork which are now preventing the loan from going through? Any real estate agent who’s been in the business for enough time has had these problems. Maybe more than once. Maybe even worse ones that I can’t fathom because my imagination is not twisted enough. For example, let me tell you a story about a real estate agent who had worked diligently to obtain a desirable listing. He worked incredibly hard on behalf of his clients to stage and show the


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