Authorify - Mortgage Lenders (Agent) Preview

home, find a buyer, and negotiate a great deal.

The listing itself had come to the selling agent by referral of a former client, which meant even more leads might have grown out of this one.

As you may have guessed, “might have” is the operative phrase here. The buyer’s lender blew it.

The buyer was getting a loan to buy the house. The closing was set for the end of the month. Everything seemed to be going fine.

The real estate agent ordered a survey of the home, just like he’d done for every other client who needed a home survey. Everything was on track.

Or so it seemed.

The loan program the buyer was using had a specific, non- standard survey requirement. A few days before closing, the lender surprised the real estate agent with this somehow- forgotten information. As a result, the real estate agent had to reorder the entire survey. The survey company had to go back out to the house (at an additional cost of $150) and do everything over again. The survey ended up pushing back the closing by 10 whole days.

In the end, no one was happy with how the sale turned out.

Even though this situation was the fault of the lender, not the


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