Authorify - Mortgage Lenders (Agent) Preview

agent, the agent’s reputation was still damaged. He did not get client referrals from the seller. Whatever business that may have come from that relationship was soured and gone. Has this (or something similar) happened to you? Have you lost time, lost money, or had your reputation tarnished because a lender did or did not do something that affected your sale? Well, this book is written by a lender — me — who understands the frustrations that real estate agents have with people in my profession.


I can help you. I have intimate knowledge in the ways to defend yourself from bad lenders. Not only that, but I’ll teach you how to obtain (and keep!) the good ones. This book will help you cut through the B.S. surrounding the lending game. Contained in these pages is concrete, fact-based advice that will help you stop worrying about whether or not your lender is going to drop the ball, and instead focus more on doing what you actually do for a living: sell homes. I’m going to peel back the curtain and give you the tools that will help you never have to worry about something happening to you like what happened to that other real estate agent. I’ve also added some useful reference content: a glossary of mortgage industry terms, a sample Good Faith Estimate (loan estimate), and other helpful information.


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