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Negotiating your home sale does not have to be intimidating. By learning how real estate negotiations work and how to apply proven techniques, you can get the price you want from the buyers. KNOWMORE THAN YOUR BUYERS The two major elements of negotiation are motivation and skill.

• A motivated buyer wants the best deal, and you, the seller, want the best price. • A skilled negotiator is an expert at working under the pressures of competition, time, information, and communication. WHAT MOTIVATES A SELLER? • Time on the Market • Relocation • Pressures of Maintenance and Upkeep • Emotional and Mental Stress, Especially During Divorce Selling your home is a multifaceted process. To be a strong negotiator, youmust avoid allowing emotions to overpower the situation to the point where you compromise and settle for a lower price. Worrying about paying the mortgage while the home sits on the market for six months or having to move out of state are prime pressure points


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