through a house that is showcased online. 45% said decorating a home to the tastes of its potential buyers positively boosts the home’s property value. Interestingly, only a small portion (10%) of agents believe that decorating a home contrary to the taste of a buyer affects its value negatively; that is to say, they’ll probably like the house more if your decor matches their preferences, but it may not be such a big deal if they think your decor is terrible. On the seller’s side of things, most agents use staging as a means in one circumstance or another: 34% use staging on every home, while 13% stage a home only when it is hard to sell, and another 4% will stage only homes that are highly priced. Overall, then, more than half of all real estate agents indicated that they thought staging a house was worth the time in at least some cases. The average cost of properly staging a house is six hundred and seventy-five dollars ($675). 62% of agents representing sellers say that the home staging services are offered to sellers, while 39% say a home is listed only after a seller pays.


Staging can greatly increase the perceived value of a home, which in turn generates more money for the seller. Staging may include keeping the home clean, de-cluttering, and making the home brighter and more beautiful. Below are some basic steps to take when cleaning and organizing a home for staging:

The entire house should be studied and straightened.

Sellers should make an effort to erase their own assumptions about the house—they need to look at it as if they have never seen it before in their lives. Then, with that mindset, they are advised to go through all the rooms in the building to make sure everything is in its proper place, and to make note of what needs to be moved, repositioned, or removed. 28

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