Good photographers know what to do to make their subject look its absolute best. Whether it’s a cute kitten, a newly married couple, or a home for sale, professional pictures are necessary. Even if you don’t hire a photographer, at least get someone to touch up the pictures and make them look their absolute best. Take an unbiased look at your home. You must view it with fresh eyes, from a buyer’s perspective. This will help you prepare your home for photographing as well as give you some ideas for what kind of pictures to take. Not sure where or how to start? Read through these ideas and tips to help get the ball rolling: 1. Pretend you’re shooting for a magazine. This can help you view your home in a new light and see areas that need some help and others that deserve to be highlighted. 2. Clean, declutter, clean, and declutter some more. Clean your home from top to bottom until it shines. Get rid of junk. Remove clutter. Remove old and ugly furniture. Store away personal belongings. You don’t want your family photos, laundry piles, or the old torn lounge chair online for the whole world to see. 3. Hide the pets. Even if you’re the most meticulous pet owner ever, advertising to potential buyers that you have birds in a cage, a free-roaming guinea pig, or a bedroom dedicated to a family of rare Siamese cats is going to be deterrent. Further, pets often create odors that stick around, and since you’ll be working hard to make this odor disappear, you want to avoid bringing any attention to these critters. Find temporary shelter for your furry friends and remove all “evidence.” 4. Add some color. A few home accessories with colors


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