that pop will go a long way. For example, do you have any bright sofa pillows? How about a healthy green plant or a vase of colorful flowers strategically placed in each room? But please, don’t paint any walls in a bright color, that it’s not desirable for most buyers, it actually makes the rooms look smaller. 5. Light it up. Are your pictures really dark or washed out? Is there enough light from the windows? You can always add some lighting to brighten things up. Bright LED lamps in the corners or off-camera can add just the touch you need. 6. Hire a stager. If you don’t want to go through this effort on your own, you can always hire a professional stager who can come in to rearrange the furniture, or even bring in some accessories or extra pieces of furniture.


During this process, don’t forget about the exterior. It goes without saying that your potential buyers want to see both the inside and the outside in any online listing or property website you have. If you’re going to show them, then show them everything! But before taking pictures, take these important steps: • Cut the grass. Whether you do it yourself or support your neighborhood professional, give your lawn a clean, close cut. Get rid of tension with your weed-whacker by obliterating those stubborn weeds and extra strands of grass around pathways, the house, and trees. • Trim hedges. If there’s one thing that helps to look like an abandoned hideout, it’s a runaway row of hedges. A quick trim to ensure the bushes are nice and even is all you need. • Colorful landscaping. Plant a variety of colorful flowers, and lay some red cedar chips. If you’d like to provide a 87

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