CHAPTER 2 Why your listing expired and didn’t sell Your well-kept and decently priced home was on the market and expired. So, what went wrong? Chances are, there was more than one factor at play. But just because your home expired, doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. Don’t give up! Read on to learn: 1. Home-selling mistakes that can cost you; 2. The worth of a good real estate agency; 3. Changes you can make to increase your chances of selling; 4. And negotiating and closing the deal. The truth is, similar homes sell for varying prices all the time. It takes place all over the country. It happens in markets large and small. Surely, there must be some reason! These houses do not sell for more money by accident. No magic trick helped one seller get a better deal than the other. On the contrary, higher prices and quicker sales are the direct result of careful planning.

First, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for unsuccessful listings:

• Price • Condition • Presentation


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