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It seems obvious, but price is one of the key points for a make-or- break deal. Listing your home correctly and strategically—at the right price and the right time, works like a magnet. It attracts customers. Selecting a real estate expert that understand current market prices and how other properties are selling in your area. A detailed market analysis of your neighborhood should help you see what homes are selling, why they’re selling, how fast they’re selling, and for how much they’re selling. Be realistic about the features of your home when compared to other homes. If you find out that prices are higher than you anticipated, and you’re in a hurry to sell, don’t set a price too low. It’s a myth that a lower price means a quick sale. That’s not always true, and it can be dangerous, costing you in the end. A too-low price can have many negative consequences, such as: • Incorrect evaluation of your house — A low-end price is considered suspicious, and buyers might think you want to hide serious problems. As a result, potential buyers pay extra attention and become suspicious. • Negotiation of the final price — Suspicions on a low- priced home lead to lowball offers, and if you’re in a hurry to sell, you will lose a lot more money than you expected. Further, as soon as your home is listed, changing it to a


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