people to see themselves using that room every day, and not whatever unpleasantry is distracting them. An outdated, unfinished, or unclean bathroom might drive buyers away, even if they like the rest of your home. Be sure it’s in its best shape! Bathrooms, along with kitchens, can be deal-breakers (or makers).


Maybe you skimped on the presentation of your home. Presentation is about first impressions. First impressions are critical and can make or break a sale. You want to attract buyers, and the biggest attraction is a well-presented property. After all, your house isn’t the only one for sale, so you can’t act like it’s the only choice. You’ll be competing with numerous properties—all with different advantages and challenges. You want people to see your home and think “Wow! This is where I want to live.”

Presentation is everything, as you’ll see in another chapter.


Have you seen other homes and properties comparable to yours selling after a short time on the market, receiving the asking price or higher, yet yours remained on the market and expired? Why didn’t people look for your house? Why did nobody seem interested? A lack of showings could be an indication. You need people to actually come see your home—showings—in order to make the sale and seal the deal. Perhaps you didn’t use the right real estate agency, while the successful home sellers did. Real estate agents worth their salt will get your home not only listed but seen! This


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