higher price later might lead to no sales. So you’re either stuck with the low price or don’t get a buyer.

Setting a price too high will get you not many showings and no offers, or low ball offers. If after a period of time you have no offers, the only thing you going to be able to do is to lower the price to find where the market is to your home. However, if your home is not well prepared for competing with other homes in the market, you’ll will have to lower the price substantially to finally find someone that will be interested in buying it. Knowing how important prices are, it’s best to leave it to an expert. Don’t take a risk on something as major as a house sale!


Condition mainly has to do with appearance; it’s the first thing that captures the eye of any potential buyer. Maybe your home didn’t appear to be in good enough condition. Your house should be sparkling clean; don’t leave a mess or clutter in your home or in the yard. Make sure the air is fresh, and the lighting shows off your house’s best features and unique qualities. Even outside, everything should be in order and arranged accordingly. Take care of any upgrades, repairs, modification, etc., before putting the house up for sale. You don’t have to make the repairs or modifications yourself, unless you’re a D-I-Y expert. Call a professional and make sure everything’s in good shape. It’s worth the small cost, as prospective buyers will take you more seriously and be more likely to offer you what your home is worth. One room in your home that’s worth updating is the bathroom. Think of updates to the bathroom as an investment. You want 5

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