If the market is offering plenty of homes, it means the buyers have more choices, and yours must appear to be a higher-quality property, at a better price. In that case, it’s difficult to sell for a good price in a short time—especially if you do it by yourself. However, if you call an agent to sell your property, your house will be advertised in the best possible locations, including many real estate websites. If you’re selling an expensive house, you can advertise in niche publications that target doctors, lawyers, and other well-paid professionals. Or, if you’re selling a single-story ranch house, market it in publications servicing senior citizens appreciating the architecture. Bonus Tip: To improve the presentation of a property, update rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, then create some “highlights,” such as an LCD TV and some furnishings. Buyers are attracted to properties by seeing themselves living in that space. So, features like big flat screens and new comfortable furniture are worthwhile investments. And then you get to take those new items with you when you move! Another tip is to have your house available to open showings as much as possible, to any potential buyers. A virtual tour of your home will ensure to bring the interest up and schedule some in person showings. You can arrange details with your agent.


Perhaps you didn’t consider location when you first put your home on the market. It’s ideal to be located near the city, or at least near public transportation. Location matters. Highlight all the potential positive aspects of your home’s current location. For example:


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