• If you’re near a cute downtown area, then mention the holiday season—the small shops, music, lights, events, and people, all creating a perfect Christmas atmosphere. If the buyers have children, they might consider this a great experience. Family-oriented activities foster a sense of community and happiness. • Is your house close to the ocean or sea? That’s ideal during the summer and other warmer months. Play that up! You can explain how relaxing outdoors, walks, swimming, surfing, running, and outdoor sports are favorable in the hot season. • Does your view include mountains and forests nearby? Talk about it! Many people are drawn to these types of landscapes and exceptional views. • Is your house close to several schools? Many parents will be interested in having their choices of schools nearby. • Is it close to supermarkets, biking trails, stadiums, or major shopping centers? All things to consider when considering your target buyer. You must discover and highlight the positive aspects of your property and use them to give value to your sale, attracting different buyers for different reasons.


Many people are afraid of marketing and find it overwhelming, which can actually prevent them from selling their home. But marketing doesn’t have to be scary. If you’re an expert marketer, you already know the tips and tricks to find buyers, to communicate with them, to use the right words, to advertise properly, and so on.


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