The agent will also become an expert on your property and ask you questions to know the best features of your home and to increase the probability of selling at a higher price. Further, the agent is able to understand the character/nature of potential buyers only after a few phrases, and then they can use the best way to communicate with them. This is a key point, because too often, if you use the wrong words, you lose the potential buyer. Communication is very important. The agent also knows how to set up the visual aspect and presentation of the property. They know what to look for in prospective sales, and they can approach buyers professionally. The following chapters break down those secrets. See how each strategy translates into real-life examples. Houses brought to market with these tactics consistently sell quickly, and for more money — even if they failed to sell the first time around. Gather the information you need to apply the same formula to selling your home. When you sell, you’ll be able to take advantage of these techniques. Carefully follow the same formula to sell your home.


• Homes sit on the market and expire for many reasons. • Price, condition, presentation, showings, the market, location, marketing, and the agent are all factors. • Learn what may have contributed to your home expiring and not selling, and what you can do differently.


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