This ordinary home had something special. As you walked into the great room, there was a large window. The house sat atop a hill with a gorgeous view. And to top it off, the sun was setting below the distant tree line. That view sold the buyer. The other 80 percent could be improved. He didn’t buy the house because he liked the floor plan or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. His decision was completely based on the hill and the view. That view caused him to stop negotiating and offer full price on the spot. Such is the power of the 80/20 rule! Learn how to tap into this rule, and you will not have to settle for less than your asking price. Leverage a unique selling point. Buyers who fall in love don’t haggle over pricing; they make good offers.

THE 80/20 RULE IN ACTION: Buyers search for unique features

In some cases, the 80/20 rule even helps people make a sale without conducting a showing. This is a huge time saver. The house in this next example had languished on the market for months. Unlike the previous house, this place was not ugly. Rather, it was a brand-new custom custom-built home. But nobody seemed to care. It sat on the market for seven-plus months without a single offer. The builder was baffled. His fancy new house wouldn’t sell. He ended up firing his agent and hiring a new one. Fortunately, the new agent knew the importance of finding that special feature. He drove out to give the house a thorough investigation. What he found changed everything. The house had


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