a gorgeous five-acre yard. Other houses being sold in the area were all on one- to two-acre lots. Not only was the yard bigger, but it was more private than other lots available. The new agent focused on marketing the five acres. He mentioned details and a description of the house. But the lot, not the house itself, was the focus. In no time, his phone rang! A buyer was relocating. He had noticed the house was for sale, but it hadn’t caught his eye before. That changed when he learned it was built on a five-acre lot. Suddenly, he was very interested—so interested, in fact, that he submitted an offer from 1,000 miles away. He had never even seen it in person. He was afraid someone else would buy it before he could, and he would lose out on the perfect house. That sale happened in 45 days. The builder was amazed! His house had been on the market for nearly eight months without so much as a nibble. Suddenly, it was sold. Purchased sight unseen, all because of the 80/20 rule.

Here’s another example about how a yard affected a sale:

A buyer once paid extra for a townhouse simply because of its location in the complex. Most of the surrounding homes didn’t have a yard. However, a few shared a large half-acre “yard area.” One of the owners whose townhouse backed up to this yard area was able to sell his townhouse for a higher price. It set his property apart from others on the market. His home had a characteristic shared by fewer than 10 percent of the others. He had the only available listing offering that feature. With this easy point of difference, the house sold for a higher price.


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