• Your house might even have an unobstructed view of the sunset. That would interest potential buyers. • Ocean or white water view. Many people like to have that feature in a home. And this alone will get you premium prices compared to other homes in the neighborhood that don’t offer this feature. • City lights or panoramic view. That’s a feature that attract many buyers, and again that will increase the price of your home. • Patios and decks are another great feature. Maybe the rest of your neighbors don’t have patios or decks, or their patios and decks are smaller. That vital feature could help you sell your home. • Location is something else that can set your property apart from others. (Not your addressed location, but rather your location compared to the surrounding homes.) • You might have a unique backyard. If you have a larger backyard than your neighbors do, use that to your advantage. A shady backyard can also help you sell your property, as can a fenced-in backyard, which will appeal to buyers with children and/or pets. • Walk-in closets, kitchen islands, a wine cellar, bonus rooms, additional storage, large garages, separate living quarters, nearby ponds or fountains, and swimming pools are all features that can help homes stand out from the others. Look for the 20 percent difference in your own home, and find a way to market it. That’s how you’ll get results. You can’t just throw the information into your listing, though. You have to take the right approach.


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