CHAPTER 12 How COVID changed the way to sell a home

In the beginning of 2020 we were faced with a pandemic that affect the entire world, COVID-19, that created unprecedent situations on the way we promote, show, advertising, and sell homes. Nevertheless, during the entire crisis, real estate was always considered as an “essential business”, and because of that we never stopped promoting, showing, advertising, and selling homes. Because COVID is a very contagious virus a lot of the ways the real estate business is conducted have to be adapted to protect the health of everyone involved in a real estate transaction, buyers, sellers, their families, and the real estate agents in the transaction.


For starters the traditional “Open Houses” are not permitted until COVID is not a health treat anymore, or until we have an effective vaccine that prevent the spread of this powerful virus. Real estate still has to be shown so a buyer can make a final decision to buy but showings have to be made by appointment and with no more than 2 people at a time. If the seller is still living on the property, or have renters living on the property, they have to leave for the agent to be able to show the home. If they have pets, they have to be taken with them for the showings. 55

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