CHAPTER 13 Getting your home sold, faster

You’re likely reading this book because your home expired on the market and didn’t sell. Or perhaps, your home is currently sitting on the market and hasn’t sold yet, but is close to expiring. Or you just want to avoid this from happening to you as you start the process of selling your home. As discussed on Chapter 1, there are many factors at play when determining why a home hasn’t sold. To recap, these main reasons are: Price, Condition, Presentation, Showings, Housing Market, Location, Marketing, and Your Agent. Getting your home sold, and faster, starts with determining the potential factors involved and then putting into practice various strategies to avoid your home just sitting on the market, not selling, and then expiring. Let’s start with your listing. If your home hasn’t sold, buyers in your market might not have agreed with your asking price. This doesn’t mean your price is wrong, but it does mean, in some way, that you’re failing to communicate the true value of your home to your buyers. Maybe your listing doesn’t contain enough information about your home and property. Maybe the pictures are poor quality. Sometimes, you (or your agent) have not conveyed why your property is so valuable. If there’s a buyer with the means and desire to buy your property, your marketing efforts haven’t reached them yet. In many instances, you have provided all the right information, included 59

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