good-quality photos, and clearly communicated the value, but you’ve lacked the right promotional strategy. If your message isn’t reaching the right people, it doesn’t matter what you say or how good your listing is! You need to get your listing, and ultimately, a home showing, to the right people: interested buyers. What can you do?


The quality of your property listing is monumental in the selling process. In many cases, you will have only one shot to make a first impression, so if you don’t put your best foot forward right away, you can lose a lot of potential buyers. Essentially, the components to a great real estate listing boil down to a few key components: • Use high-quality photos. Images are crucial in a real estate listing. Think about it. If you’ve ever shopped for properties online, you likely skimmed right past the listings that didn’t include any photos, or had poor-quality. • Write an effective property description. Understanding which aspects of your property that are truly remarkable and emphasizing those in detail can have a lasting impact. Remember, you’re selling a dream home for someone, so make your property sound like a dream come true! • Use a headline that will get noticed. A great headline is a must, especially for online advertising—it’s what tells people to click (or not click) on your ad. Create a headline that will catch the buyer’s attention. • Consider a promo video. Videos are becoming a major player in the real estate market. You’re essentially giving buyers a virtual tour of your 60

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