CHAPTER 14 First impressions: Presentation is everything First impressions matter; they are often lasting impressions. This is true in life and in real estate. Every step in the home-selling process, decluttering the house, give it a deep cleaning, staging and making it more appealing to buyers, to creating the listing and preparing marketing materials, professional photos and videos, to creating a virtual tour, 3D tours, and a professional looking floor plan, to scheduling open houses (or virtual open houses) to make great first impressions to interested buyers, to create an advertising campaign to cover all of the possible media to create an interest in your home, all plays an important role. Buyers decide in the first eight or so seconds of seeing a home whether they’re interested in it or not. So consider your prospective buyers’ first impression when they first view your home. Presentation is everything!


The presentation (condition and appearance) of your property is important to consider when you’re trying to sell your house. Let’s say you’ve hired the services of a reputable and effective Realtor® who knows the ins and outs of real estate and how to market your home effectively. Your listing, marketing plan, and strategies are in good shape and your agent is keeping in top of everything. But now it’s your turn. In the previous couple of chapters, we’ve 67

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