introduced the concept of making sure your home is ready for showings so you can make a good and lasting first impression. Here are a few ideas to help you make a first impression with your home: All cosmetic items, such as paint, landscaping, window coverings, and flooring, should be in good shape. The house should also be close to spotlessly clean, both inside and out. Buyers can walk through a “perfect” house priced below market, but if the house is cluttered, the carpet is worn, or if there’s a strong pet odor, they may move on quickly to the next house and leave yours in the dust. Making these cosmetic improvements doesn’t cost much but can make all the difference in whether your home sells. Plan for the repairs in a timely manner; rush jobs are obvious. Focus on the following areas when preparing your house for sale, and for showings: • Landscaping is the first; your lawn is the first impression they get about the property. Ensure the lawn is in good shape and that your trees and shrubbery are neat and trimmed. • Consider cleaning out your gutters and maybe adding some curb appeal to add that extra “wow” factor. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, pay someone to do it for you. • The exterior of your house is also part of the first impression. Make sure there’s no chipped paint, dirty windows, or clutter in the yard, as this could be alarming


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