make an amazing first impression with how your home looks “from the curb.” A well-prepared house can even catch the eyes of buyers who never even intended to visit your home. Drive-by buyers who look at your home should immediately feel as though they want to go inside. This won’t happen if you have poor landscaping, a dingy exterior, or an unkempt yard. Look around your yard and list everything that needs a little work. • Are your shrubs, trees, flower gardens, and walkways tidy? • Is there trash or just a general mess in your yard? • Does everything (front light, garage door, porch rails, etc.) function properly, and look its best? • Could outdoor features, like patio furniture or the garage door, be updated with a quick coat of paint? Chances are, you’ll have some improvements to do. Take heart: Just think of how many people are going to beg to view the inside of your home when they see how beautiful it is from your curb! This might seem like an overwhelming list, but it truly takes hard work to get a home ready to sell.


In addition to creating curb appeal to attract buyers and give a great first impression, you’ll want to stage your home. Curb appeal will attract buyers into wanting to see the inside of your home, too. That’s why it’s so important to stage it. You can hire someone to do much of the hard work for you, but some things you can handle yourself:


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