to potential buyers. • Most importantly, buyers will notice the condition of the front door when they walk in, so be sure that it’s clean and the handle works and is modern. A paint job might be in order. • Once inside, buyers will look around to assess the cosmetic design of your interior. Ensure the carpets are clean and attractive; the walls • painted and cleaned, if needed; your windows spotless, and home clutter-free. Excessive furniture makes rooms appear smaller, so try to stage your house with minimal furniture and clutter. • Try to have your pets temporarily removed from the home, and ensure the property is cleaned thoroughly to remove any offending odors or stains. • Never leave laundry piles, unflushed toilets, cluttered kitchen sink, and soiled carpets; these not only create chaos and unpleasant odors, but they also detract customers, and leaving a bad impression in their eyes. • Make sure the smell of the house is appealing but not overwhelming. A subtle vanilla scent works very well with most buyers, as it’s a neutral smell. A good quality candle will do the trick. • Remove any personal and official documents from sight. Remove any distracting photos, personal and family memorabilia. Place the keys in the key box and keep the home well-lit to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


We briefly mentioned curb appeal earlier; this is how your home looks from the road, and is a most important image. You want to


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