easy way—add another bedroom, relatively easily and inexpensively.

OK, before you start laughing and stop reading, take a minute to consider your options. In some cases, an extra bedroom can really set your home apart from others in the market. And no, you don’t need to add square footage to your home. Simply create space for another bedroom. Example: add a closet to an extra junk room. Voilà! You have a bedroom. That’s right. You can easily convert a den, office, or spare room into a third or fourth bedroom by simply building a closet. But before rushing off to build closets, take time to compare your home with other similar houses available in your area: • If three-bedroom homes are the norm in your neighborhood, a fourth bedroom might give you a distinct advantage. • However, if buyers in your area are mostly looking for one- or two-bedroom homes, what good is a fourth bedroom? It would be a waste of money and effort then. Do some homework before you start. Find out the configurations of rooms in nearby homes. Talk with your real estate agent about buyer preferences. They can help you determine whether you would benefit from a simple bedroom addition. Bottom line: If you need a significant boost to your home’s worth, adding another bedroom is one great way to do it.


it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the more eye-pleasing aspects of getting a home ready to sell. However, you should never overlook the upkeep of all the more mundane aspects of your


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