However, putting in new closets isn’t always possible. For instance, if your rooms are already small, you might not want to take any square footage away from them. You might not have the skills or funds to hire someone to build a new closet. This is where closet organizers can help. You can easily design a custom closet kit online with a storage-solution company like ClosetMaid. Your standard superstore or hardware store often has exactly what you need in an inexpensive, pre- fabricated form. Organizers won’t enlarge your closets, but maximizing vertical and horizontal space is a good substitution. Don’t stop there; after all, “storage” isn’t restricted to closets only. Storage improvement opportunities apply to all cabinets, clothes closets, linen closets, and attic and basement spaces. It’s important to ensure you organize your cabinets. The same stores/companies that provide closet organizers can help you with this, too. Take a good, hard look at your laundry room and/or linen closet. Adding extra shelving in these places can make a big impact. Look for anywhere you can add attractive and inexpensive storage. Make sure your improvements are tasteful and practical, and you’ll benefit from improved storage solutions. Buyers really eat this stuff up! Also, don’t clutter your closets and storage. If you have a lot of things, and a lot of us do, move most items to a temporary storage outside the house, or preparing for your upcoming move, select the items you don’t really need and give them away to your favorite charity, good will, salvation army, etc.


Who doesn’t want to add tons of extra value to a home? Here’s an


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