of your home, your front door, the rooms in your home, with a focus on your kitchen and bathrooms. Do • any of them need repainting? Does it need repainting? If so, make sure you use neutral, basic, and complementary colors—crazy-colored walls could be a turnoff. If you’re not confident in your painting skills, you can always enlist the help of a professional for a reasonable cost. They wouldn’t need to repaint the entire home, just the rooms or walls that need it. • Kitchen: Consider adding upgrades and making small improvements to your kitchen. Kitchens usually need an upgrade somewhere, even if it’s been recently renovated or remodeled. This is one room to focus on when making improvements to prepare your home for sale. Why? Interested buyers want a fresh, upgraded, modern, attractive, and functional kitchen. In fact, many buyers are willing to compromise on other rooms, as long as the kitchen is well-maintained and inviting. If you can’t afford to renovate or remodel your kitchen, you can still make small improvements and repairs to increase your home’s value and garner more interest from buyers: • Clean it thoroughly and remove clutter • Repaint the walls • Add or improve your backsplash • Update appliances • Consider replacing your sink faucet and cabinet/counter handles for increased functionality and a new look • Add touches of modern décor • Add storage solutions if your kitchen is small • Bathrooms: Think of ways you can upgrade or update your 80

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