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When hunting for a house, home buyers start with a reasonable list of prospective properties, but the house they buy is often chosen mainly for emotional reasons (except for investment properties, for which they have no plans of inhabiting). The goal of staging a project is to ensure prospective buyers see the great possibilities that owning the house will bring them. The prospective buyer can walk into the home and experience that “Finally, here’s my dream home!” feeling. If potential buyers are pleased with the house, then they’re willing to look beyond some of their predetermined “must-have features.” That’s why it’s so important to put minute details into consideration. Small things that you might overlook — such as personal memorabilia, overcrowded rooms, ugly doors, or dripping taps — can disengage the buyer emotionally from the home. They’ll begin to think of all the problems they’ll have to face later, and they immediately shift their attention to the next appointment while writing off your house as a realistic possibility. The greatest motivator for someone to make an offer on your property is a connection they make with it while imagining their life there. If this can be achieved, then you just might have put an end to the buyers’ search for their perfect choice. Your motive is to keep them a bit restless, with the feeling that if they decide too late, someone else will take away their dream house. HOW YOUR LISTING SHOULD LOOK ONLINE This might be the most important aspect in the Information Age. Most prospective buyers first look online for what they want, before ever employing the services of a real estate agent. From a survey carried out, 90% of home buyers in the U.S. first search for houses on the Internet. Therefore, when you’re listing a house, the photos need to be captivating to the buyers — so much so that they can’t wait to see the house in person! It’s not necessarily required to buy new furniture during your home staging. You can make do with what you have available, but pieces need to be rearranged in ways that’ll look appealing to potential buyers. You


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