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should be careful while spending on a house that will be sold; work on the important items to make the house appear impeccable. If not, you may even end up spending money and still getting low offers, thus coming out upside down on the deal. If your spending is done appropriately by changing out some worn- out things and improving other facilities, you stand a better chance of selling your property quickly, and at a price that will earn you even more money than had you not made the expenditures in both time and funds.

SUMMARY: CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE SALE PRICE There are many things you’ll need to do to get your property ready for the market tomaximize your selling price. The top item is get rid of your clutter . Ahome that’s well lived in becomes cluttered

with excess furniture, wall hangings, and personal items, not to mention items stored in basements, attics, and crawlspaces. This may keep you from realizing how cluttered it will appear to strangers. Culling this material might be difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to decide on what to keep or what should be thrown out. My advice is to keep your emotional attachment to your things low. Looking at it from a theoretical perspective, staging looks simple and less expensive. However, many homeowners find it hard; it’s often difficult to see things objectively when you love them. Here are some basic rules for proper home staging: • Your house must be clean. “Sparkling” should be the right description for the condition of your house. It should never be 10 years since the outside of the second-floor windows were washed. Floors must look brand new. This is often achievable (and only feasible) by employing a cleaning crew’s services. It’s even considered a good investment to have your cleaning team in weekly to inspect and freshen while your home is for sale. Your windows, chimneys, shutters, and other places should be professionally cleaned outside and inside the home.


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