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USING CURB APPEAL TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR MORE Curb appeal, the overall attractiveness of your home when standing on the street, is critical when selling your home. Your landscaping, the physical exterior, and the facade of your home are all important aspects that need to be assessed, considered, and improved. This is vital if you want to sell your home for more. WHY CURB APPEAL GREATLY AFFECTS THE SALE A potential buyer is looking for signs indicating how well the home has been kept over long periods of time, and might be influenced by signs that show the type of person currently living there. Beyond aesthetics, the buyer is looking for evidence of wear, tear, and neglect. Starting at the very curb, a well-manicured lawn and fresh appearance of the exterior demonstrates that the homeowner is up to an appealing standard, and shows that the current homeowner takes pride in the property’s aesthetics. Where buyers drive up to see your curb appeal as subpar, there’s a very good chance that they’ll take that sole impression and go elsewhere. Selling a home is similar to selling consumer good in that regard — packaging sells! Most buyers will look online first to see some general photos of the interior and the exterior. Having good curb appeal and attractive photos posted within your ad will help to interest buyers right away, so that they’ll make an appointment with you or your real estate agent to come see your home. Keep inmind that even if the interior of your home is kept up-to-date, in good repair, with perfect plumbing and electrical work, and is decorated nicely for appeal, the exterior and curb appeal of your home will influence a buyer’s decision before they even enter the house.


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