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HAVE AWELCOMINGWALKWAY The path to your front door serves as an “ambassador” for your home. It’s important that it be beautiful and pleasant to look at. Your walkway is the “red carpet” to your door. Ensuring it generates the right first impression for prospective buyers will surely gain you points in the real estate sales arena. The pathway, landing, and your front door should all blend together to provide an appealing journey from your street or driveway up to your house. If your home’s style is Georgian, Greek Revival, or Colonial, try a straight path that goes from the sidewalk straight to your door. With a straight path, you can avoid a mass of boring concrete by decorating the lane with soft landscaping, such as flower pots or beds. You have a better opportunity for charming buyers if you add curious boulders, interesting trees, plant groupings in vibrant colors, or even a fountain. If you’re looking for something that’s more unique, a wood walkway will do the trick. Cedar, redwood, cypress, and teak are all weather-resistant types of wood that are perfect for creating a beautiful walkway, and are easy to work with. For a wooden walkway, you’ll also need pea gravel or stone as a base. Wooden walkways have minimal upkeep, as you only need to stain and seal once every year.

Whatever you decide to do with your walkway, ensure there’s no overgrowth anywhere, especially around the concrete or wood itself. Note that incorporating too much in the way

of lawn decoration will make your walkway look cluttered and disorganized. If you’re going to decorate your walkway, go easy on the decorations and lawn ornaments. Keep a decent balance, keep it elegant, and don’t go overboard.


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